Secret of La Badiane’s new menu

To give La Badaine a new lease of life, Chef Benjamin Rascalou has created a completely brand new menu bringing new inspiration. Can you get the message that the chef Benjamin has sent in each dish? Is that the message about a passionate, energetic and loving life?

Vivid color

We absolutely can’t deny that the decisive tones in the La Badiane new menu are hot and highlight color tones.

Do you feel excited and full of energetic about the yellow of saffron, the orange of parsley zucchini in the dish “Seared scallops & seafood, bouquet of vegetables with parsley zucchini juice & saffron 


The attractive yellow of saffron, the appealing orange of parsley zucchini

… or fascinated by the charming red of raspberry salad and the attractive orange of baileys « crème brulée », tangerine sorbet. They are the colors of life, enthusiasm and passion.


The passionate, enthusiastic and profound red.

Exquisite decoration

Vitality and vividity has always been the leading criteria in the decoration of La Badiane, which not only helps the diners feel soarings in their souls in enjoying the dishes, but above of all also awakens all senses and all sorts of emotion inside them.

You love nature, love to see the natural beauty, then come to La Badiane, you will be watching that beauty right of the dishes in the new menu.


A lovely, charming and splendid fish will manifest itself in front of you with the new Salmon Tartare


A range of coral with Seared scallops & seafood, bouquet of vegetables with parsley zucchini juice & saffron emulsion will make you yearn for exploring and discovering.

Every each of dishes seems to attempt to paint a passionate, energetic and loving life

Why don’t you come and discover the source of sap hidden in each dish at La Badiane? At No. 10 Nam Ngu, La Badiane is always ready to serve you.