[Secret of Chef ] Great uses of asparagus for health

Asparagus is rich in fiber and vitamins which are good for the digestive system and immune system in resistance to disease. Adding asparagus on the daily diet is one of the tips for better health.

Followings are sharing of Chef Benjamin about great use of asparagus:

1. Balance blood sugar level


 Prawns, chicken & asparagus fresh spring rolls, wasabi cream with Kikkoman sauce at La Badiane

Blood sugar plays an important role in health. To ensure your health, it is important to balance blood sugar level by choosing the right foods. Asparagus is one of the great options to help you balance your blood sugar. Asparagus contain a large amount of vitamin B which help regulate and balance blood sugar.

2. Strengthen the immune system

Green asparagus contain lots of potassium and minerals. With copious amounts of these nutrients, asparagus helps the body to enhance the metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

3. Asparagus is good for wound


Asparagus is rich in vitamin A which is very good for the broken skin due to its ability to heal and limit the aging process.

4. Support the digestive system

Asparagus with high fiber, vitamin C and protein content is considered extremely good food for the digestive system and against the constipation.

5. Prevent colon cancer


Gambas bisque, salmon eggs with asparagus at La Badiane

Asparagus contains insulin which will not be digested until it goes into intestines  and clean the colon, thereby preventing the risk of colon cancer.