Sauce – the sophistication of French cuisine

If nuoc mam (kind of fish sauce) always presents on the table of the Asian, sauce is an indispensable component in meal of the European, especially in France, the cradle of the world cuisine.

Talking about the “gourmet” in eating, no one can surpass the French stand. Thus, there is always a particular type of sauce for each dish. Commonly, European sauce is divided into two main categories: the cold one and hot one. Cold sauce is made from mayonnaise and vinaigrette, served as a starter at the beginning of the meal with snacks or salads. Every combination creates a unique flavor: white vinegar, salt, pepper onions, mustard makes up a typical type of French vinegar, when adding some red wine, it turns into Italian style.


Red wine sauce

If cold sauce is made in a simple way, the hot sauce is much more finical and categorized according to food groups. Chicken sauce is for white meat, seafood sauce is for shrimp, crab, squid, fish or brown sauce is for red meat.

French sauce is not only diversified in variety, but also varied in selecting materials. That is the harmony of the consommé in the characteristic aroma of herbs or spices. And above all, to make a delicious and fresh sauce, the French always prefer using seasonal foods. Summer with fresh passion sauce or sweet autumn with apple sauce.


Saffron emulsion

Resting on that basis, the sauce is unforeseenly metamorphosed with wine, creating the uniqueness in each dish. It can be the moreish taste of red wine, whiskey, brandy when enjoying red meat, of fresh taste of white wine with seafood or the explosion in the combination of vodka and chicken. All of them is blended in the dish, creating the lively flavor.

Sometimes, the diners are impressed with a restaurant just by its nonpareil sauce. How about you? Which kind of sauce are you impressed with when thinking of La Badiane?