Sauce – A secret of making up excellent dishes

Are you excited by the dishes with excellent sauce? Let’s discover the wonderful uses of sauce making up for your dishes.

1. Making food more flavored and delicious

Depending on the ingredients and the taste of dishes, the way to cook sauce is varied differently to be best suited to dishes. Therefore, in today’s cooking, we can summarize thousands of different kinds of sauce.

However, the most famous sauce is still the cream sauce, made from chicken broth and added cream to increase the flavor and the buttery of cream into the dish. Meat served with cream sauce will have buttery flavor, blending with spices in a more subtle way. In addition, the Charcutiere sauce is not less famous with materials made from mushrooms and chopped cucumber, making the dishes spicy and sweet.

tuan 1. 5

Sauce will make food blended and more flavored effectively

2. Adding the viscid for food

A general rule is that dried dishes need more water to balance. Especially, dishes made from lean meat by sauté, broiled or fried method always make food dried, therefore, sauce will balance both taste and “water level”, making food more appealing with viscid sauce.

3. Increasing the attractiveness of the dish

Do you agree that fondue dishes will be more attractive? Sometimes, the aesthetics of dishes is not determined by itself but by the sauce.

Sauce has a common characteristic which is the viscid, so when poured on the dish, making it a very attractive one. That’s not to mention the accompanying shredded materials and colors also make food more attractive in the eyes of customers.

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La Badiane’s roast duck legs are always served with special viscid sauce, making dishes and flavors blended and more attractive

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