Rosemary and the famous French crème brulee

A familiar dish – no matter how tasty – will occassionally get boring. So, how do you feel about combining old dishes/ingredients to create a brand new taste, or culinary experience?  Try La Badiane’s Crème Brulee and you’ll get an amazing feeling!

Originated in France, “Crème Brulee” is one of the most beloved desserts in Europe and around the world. It is a perfect combination of the creamy taste of heavy cream, the bitterness of burnt suger, the coldness caramel and sweetness of refined sugar on top.

However, that’s just a traditional taste so familiar with the “followers” of French cuisine. At La Badiane, such familiarity has been elevated and made more creative, creating a dish both familiar and strange with the “sexy” and fresh fragrance of rosemary.


Tart of crème brulee at La Badiane

Together with basil, thyme and parsley, rosemary has created a “collection” of grass whose wonderful fragrances mark a distinct feature of Western cuisine. Rosemary belongs to the family of mints, with a light and “spicy” fragrance that brings a sense of relaxation and comfort.

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The combination of “Crème Brulee”, rosemary flavor and grapefruit salad, fresh raspberry mingled with a little lemon cream, the dish will make you ecstatic right from the first touch of the tongue. The creamy taste of crème brulee, with support from the rosemary, also becomes clearer and more sophisticated.

It seems that there is no reason for you to refuse the fine dishes with the wonderful element of rosemary. Don’t forget to stop at La Badiane to experience the creative experiment of crème brulee and rosemary!