For a more romantic date

For many people, autumn is the most beautiful season of the year, this is also the time of romantic moments, especially with those who are in love.

In autumn, it is easily to see on the street, in a restaurant or a coffee shop that the couples are dating, they pass each other and hug tightly, they chat, exchange each other glances and intimate gestures. They look so happy in this romantic autumn.


Saying that autumn is a season of romanticism, a season for couples to heat their love, a season of new love, is indeed not wrong. Because the chilly feeling makes people want to get closer more. Is the slight coolness of the autumn sun, the smooth blue of sky the thing that makes people want to meet, want to date? Is anything happier than holding your love’s hand, wandering down the street, enjoying fully the autumn atmosphere, smelling the aroma of milk flowers, of new Com (Green rice flakes), watching the beauty of the red blooming barringtonia acutangula, fallen yellow-leaf streets…


There are plenty of choices for a perfect date with your love. In addition to walking down, loitering the streets, you and your love may choose a certain restaurant, which has the airy space, the harmony with nature, with trees and autumn wind, so that whether in the restaurant or not, you still have a chance to feel the autumn outside. Choose a dish bringing the warm taste for autumn to enjoy, besides, a little wine, candlelit and melodious classical music will help the dating become warmer and more romantic.


La Badiane restaurant at No 10 Nam Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi will be the ideal suggestion for you. Choose La Badiane for your date to make it more romantic, warmer, more loving!