Refresh your taste with French spices sea-bass

Fish is a food recommended by plenty of nutrition experts that should be present in daily meals because of wonderful benefits that it brings. If you are familiar with dishes prepared with salmon or tuna, the following suggestions of La Badiane on bass dish is sure to give you an experience of completely new flavor.

Sea bass is a fish living in cold snow. This fish is in the same family with cod and it is often used instead of cod. On the surface, sea bass is more appealing with gray layer of metal flakes, silver belly and black stripes featured on the side. Sea bass is known to be nutritious, no less than salmon and tuna.


Fresh sea bass is drained preparing for the next step


There are many ways to prepare sea bass dishes like: breaded, sautéed, grilled, poached, steamed, paper-wrap grill, confit, Sous-vide or smoked. When coming to La Badiane, diners will experience the taste of Sea bass meunière in spices with lemon butter sauce.


The resonance of oranges, lemons, grapefruit and apple flavors help you feel sea bass fascinated than ever.

Sea bass with a mild flavor, sweeter than cod, the flesh was chewy but not porous. Sea bass meunière in spices with lemon butter sauce is a dish with quite fussy presentation. Not only the look, this dish is a superb combination between fish flavor with bitter sweetness of fresh fruit and fragrant aroma of the sauce, creating a mixture of freshness, aroma and richness, which is very suitable for luxurious banquet of businessmen.

Don’t forget to taste the pumpkin, oranges, lemons salad served together with the dish, you will experience a taste of the coolness from the perfect combination and alternative. Change your daily menu with Sea bass meunière in spices and enjoy the superb taste of Indochina, only at La Badiane. Come and feel!