The refinded table settings of the French

Remained after hundreds years of history and culture, French cuisine is famous not only for amazing foods but also for it’s elaborateness and elegance in their table settings.

Elaborateness in eating utensils setting on the table

The French set their table in particular manners: The dinner plate should be place at the centre with the salad plate and soup bowl above going with a neatly folded napkin. When sitting on the table, you take your napkin off and remember put it on the left whenever you leave table. Knives are positioned to the right side with the cutting edge toward the plate. Kinds of spoons are on the right of the knives. Forks are positioned on the left side of the plate are salad fork, dinner and dessert one from outside in. Furthest among forks is oyster one (if any). Bread plate as well as butter knife is on top left hand corner. The glasses are set in the order from outside in: white wine glass, red wine one and water goblet. Before starting your meal, remember to use the silverware from outside in.


The order of eating untensils on the French table

Elaborateness in choosing color and folding napkin

The French table setting is not perfect without napkins folded neatly and well-looking. They use their napkins frequently during the meal to wipe your fingers and blot your mouth. Moreover, our women use them to pat your lips before taking a drink of your beverage.


The napkin in badiane flower shaped

Among so many choices, the napkins should match the color of the tablecloth. They can be folded in so many shapes. Folding napkins is type of art that many customers are interested in.

Elaborateness in using flowers and candles for table decoration

To make the meal more colorful, cozier and warmer, the French often use flowers and candles to for decoration. The basket of flowers should be low enough to keep eye-contact between diners.


The small basket of flower that lighten the table up

Candles for decoration should be bright enough to not make any interruption for our diners.


The meal becomes cozier and sweeter with the tall taper candles at the centre of the table

Table setting seems a little simple but it has its own etiquettes that everybody should follow. French table setting shows off all the elaborateness and elegance in each tiny details that makes distinctive beauty and the unique of French cuisine