Recipes for home food preservation

Do you ever regret after dumping spoiled food bags that cost lot of money to buy previously, or blindly use them despite of knowing that is harmful due to do not know how to preserve? Let La Badiane give you some simple tips to keep foods fresh and delicious.

Food from fresh fruit

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The average storage time is about 2-3 days in a condition of 4-10°C. Foods must be washed well and wiped dryly. Wrapping food with nylon to prevent water and water-soluble vitamins loss.

Foods providing protein

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There are two main sources of animal-originated food (meat, fish, eggs, seafood…) and foods of plant- originated food (tofu, mushrooms, cereals…). Proteins are substances that decompose the most quickly, after average 2 hours of slaughter, protein begins to decompose (temperature 30-35°C) and produce substances that are harmful to health. In addition, protein is a source of bacteria’s favorite food, so this is likely the foods having the highest infection.

Therefore, being frozen or salted or reduce the concentration of water (drying, drying) are the ways that housewives should apply. Food, if not be used immediately, should be divided into small enough sections and frozen immediately. That will keep the food fresh for a week. When thawing, you should only thaw once. For eggs, storage time is no more than 1 week in specialized compartment for eggs.

Foods providing fat

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Good fats are liquid and transparent in normal temperature even last for all day in the refrigerator. As food groups loathe oxygen, thus preserving  fat needs sealed container with small mouth and in  dry places.

Foods providing carbohydrates

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Mainly are foods originated from plants such as rice, sticky rice, wheat, potato… Enemies of these foods are high humidity, because this is a favorable environment for the growth of fungus producing alphatoxin, has been verified that can accumulate in the liver over time and cause liver cancer in sufficient concentrations. Therefore, only moderately reserve these foods within 1-2 weeks.

Milk and dairy products

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These are special foods containing protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. For groups of formula, should be stored on a dry, cool, dark places and used within a maximum of 2 weeks after opening. The group of milk in liquid form  should be preserved in fridge and used within 24 hours after opening. Other dairy products (cheese, yogurt, milk cake…) always have to be stored in the refrigerators for a period depending on manufacturers, but the general principle is to eat as soon as possible.