You are a French wine connoisseur? Do you understand the information printed on the label? Learn more about wine label with La Badiane.

There are 3 categories of French wine in the ascending order:

Vin de table

Vin de table is in the lowest position among French wine categories. Carries with it only the producer and the designation that it’s from France

It is not allowed to name the grape, harvest or grape-growing region on the label of Vin de table (although the new law in Europe allows to mention harvest year).

Vin de table is cheap, easy to buy for daily use. People often make fun about Vin detable that: “if you do not like that wine, do not hesitate to leave that bottle there and immediately buy a new one”



1. Symbol / company logo

2. Brand Name

3. Additional Information (non-legal value)

4. Wine «Vin de table” (mandatory information)

5 The amount of alcohol in wine (mandatory information)

6 The amount of bottled wine (mandatory information)

7. Full information about the manufacturer (mandatory information)

Vin de pays

It is higher quality than Vin de table and accounted for 30% of French wine.

This wine mentions grape harvest year on the label but it must comply with other stringent regulations. Vin de pays is divided into 3 categories: Des appellations Regionales (the origin), Des appellations departmentales (by province of origin), Des appellations lacales (by region of origin).



1. Grape harvest year

2. Icon / logo

3. Information on the sole type of grape used to make wine

4. Wine «Vin de Pay” and the wine region (mandatory information)

5. The amount of alcohol in wine (mandatory information)

6. Full details of the manufacturer (mandatory information)

7. Amount of bottled wine (mandatory information)

Vins d’AOC (Appellation d’Origin Controlee) or AOP

This is a wine with the highest quality of France (according to 1949 ranking by the INAO (Institut national des appellations d’origine – National Bureau accreditation). On the label of this wine, there is more information than above types of wine.



1- Illustratation

2- Millesime – grape harvest

3- The vineyard

4- VDQS Information (mandatory information)

5- Stamp of insurance and control number (mandatory information)

6- Full details of the manufacturer (mandatory information)

7- The amount of alcohol in wine (mandatory information)

8- Information required to be used for export

9- The amount of bottled wine (mandatory information)