Rabbit as ingredient in European cuisines

Rabbit meat is a popular ingredient in some European countries. Now customers can enjoy rabbit dishes that are truly European right in Hanoi, at La Badiane restaurant.

Rabbit has long been an indispensable part of different cuisines of different countries. Lots of rabbit dishes have been made around the world, such as “Coniglio alla cacciatora” (hunter’s rabbit stew) – a popular dish in Italy. In Spain, a similar dish also wins diners’ favor: “Conejo a la cazadora”. And France also has a popular rabbit dish called “Lapin a la cocotte” (Rabbit casserole).

Rabbit as ingredient in European cuisines 01

Stew rabbit with red wine in some European countries

Rabbit meat is soft and sweet, and has lots of nutritions that can help improve your health, fight against aging, prevent obesity, protect your skin and prolong your beauty. In Vietnam, lots of main course dishes have been made from rabbit, such as: rabbit sautée with mushrooms, stew rabbit with herbs, rabbit curry, fried rabbit with tamarine sauce, etc… Rabbit roti ocassionally appears and brings new flavors to the Vietnamese family meal.

At La Badiane, our professional chefs have used rabbit to stew with mustard, cider, fried veggies and ginger red wine sauce to create a rabbit dish that is European-styled.

Rabbit as ingredient in European cuisines 02

Stew of rabbit with mustard & cider, mousseline of carrot in wasabi & vegetables tempura, ginger red wine sauce

Apple cider and mustard is always in harmony with rabbit. The three are combined perfectly with each other, which makes rabbit stew meat moister. Served with a touch of Japanese flavors with mousseline of carrot in wasabi & vegetables tempura.

Not only delicious but also healthy, this stew rabbit dish is definitely something you should try with your loved ones. Come to La Badiane and enjoy this tasty, nutritious and visually-appealing main course!