Provence – the oldest grape growing region of France

Provence is a peaceful area of the Southeastern in France. Provence is not only famous for its lavender fields with unique color but it is also home of the famous róse wine which fascinated the whole world.

Provence has been a wine producing region for a long time, at least since the ancient Greeks found the port city of Marseille. In the thirteenth century, the town Provence became more famous with red wine making to dedicate to French king and the Pope under the behest of the Duke of Bourgogne.

The grape varieties grown in Provence comes from Spain, Italy or improved from traditional grapes of France. Carignan is the main grape variety here. Besides, a number of other grape varieties are also grown specifically for mixing Braquet, Calitor, Folle and Tibouren.

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Provence offers approximately 8% of róse wine to the world annually. Today, róse wine still accounts for 80% wine produced in Provence, of which 90% are sold and consumed in France and the remaining are sold to Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands and Japan. With 2,600 years of history, It can not deny that róse wine has brought money and reputation to Provence.

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Today, “Rosé de Provence” has become world famous wine brand thanks to the efforts in brand development of the French government, let Provence wine enhance its reputation in the world.