Being pretty, walking down street alone, having a meal at 5-star restaurant on weekend – Why not?

On weekend, among cool breeze of fall, how do you think if you dress the most beautiful outfit, wear ballerina flats or the most favourite sandal, put on a light makeup and feel confident in each charming step on the street? Let’s try and see!

Walking down the street with your own does not mean you are solitary. It means a special occasion to aware of the daily life around by the more unique experience. It  is supposed to be the way for you to enjoy your life.


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As often, you are busy with your work at office, or at school, there is no much time to relax, sometimes you have burning desires to refresh your soul and seek living inspiration. As often, to reduce stress, you hang out with friends, go to cinema, have a meal with them,… But, it’s time, it is only you. And it’s also the time to make a difference. You know, sometimes being alone has its own fun.

Firstly, you will have chance to take a closer look at everything happening around you: the bicycles are coming and going, the people are in such hurry of earning money for lives… Stay a little slow, think a little to learn about this life: it is like a colorful picture and each of us is a part in that picture. It means that there are so many amazing things waiting for your discovering. Your camera or smart phone can help you take any photos of any moments that you impress most.


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And, let’s get dressed the most beautiful garment in your wardrobe that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident! They should be jeans and a T-shirt going with sporty shoes or should be a girlie dress going with a lovely pair of ballerina flats or flattering kitten heels. Don’t forget a cardigan in these cool breeze days of Autumn. You can make a ponytail or let your hair free, it’s up to you.



Because you will walk with yourself so that is no need to worry about vehicles. Going by bus, riding motorbike, bicycle or going on foot have its own fun that brings to you interesting experiences.

If you feel hungry and want to take a rest on the way you are experiencing the city, let try to visit a 5-star restaurant, give to yourself a abundant meal here.


“Never eat alone” is the title of a famous book for those who work in commerce and business. What about if you write another one with title “Sometime should eat alone” after these experiences? This book may be find out it’s true readers who can sympathize with the writer – a girl knows how to love herself and always has burning desire to discover the most surprising things in the normal things around us. Going alone may brings to you time for observing more, listening more and so that feeling more. There is no reason for you to hesitate to enjoy the most wonderful things in life.