A present for your kids after strained school time

The expectations of parents and dense private tuition schedule now makes children feel under pressure, and afraid of going to school because studying is so tiring and onerous. How you can do to help your children to reduce learning pressure, feel more interested in learning, please refer to the following suggestions of La Badiane!

1. Parents, please become your kids’ close friends

Parents should always be take care of your kids, listen to what they want, let them express their thoughts. You should take time to chat with your kids, talking with them about their school, teachers and their classmates. Do not blame them for getting bad marks, but just encourage them to try harder for the next time.

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2. Parents, please take time to learn with your children

Many parents spend a lot of money hiring a private tutor for their kids, without concerning about if their children want to learn or whether that tutor can teach effectively or not. Parents should take time to learn with your children, mentor your children, solve mathematics problem together, write the essay, practice handwriting twice or 3 times a week instead of getting the tutor to pull strings to mentor your children. Parents should answer your kids’ questions, reduce pressure of homework for children by effective learning methods so that they can easily acquire knowledge.


3. Parents, please let your kids have the most comfortable learning space

You should give your children their own study corner and help them arrange that corner in a scientific way. Let your children choose their favorite gadgets such as the color of the room, the type the desk, the pen box, the school bag, the wrapper … The learning corner must be always airy, neat, tidy, sufficiently light so as not to affect the children’s vision.


4. Parents, please take your children out to get some fun to relax their mind.

The children must go to school, get private tuition, study at home everyday, they just have a little time to play. So, each week, parents should take your kids out to somewhere at least once so that they can relax after a stressful learning week.

Parents can take your children to come back hometown, hang out in the suburbs, walk around or take them to a restaurant with open space so that they can frolic, with copious menu so that they can choose what they like.


Photo: Have dinner with children at La Badiane

Hope that these suggestions will help parents to get the best method to help your children to get rid of the pressure, tiredness of learning so that each day at school is a happy day.