Powerful reasons to eat bananas everyday (Part 2)

4. Goodbye, aging skin – Hello, glowing complexion.

Are you usually annoyed by skin chap in dry climate? Eat bananas, and you will no longer have to “suffer” from that annoying in each winter because vitamin C, B6 and brimful of water contained in bananas helps nourish and provide humidity for your skin extremely effectively.

Besides being food, banana mask provides a lot of vitamin E, strong antioxidants, helping to prevent wrinkles and melasma on the skin. In addition, using banana mask for 30 minutes per day also maintains the elasticity of the skin, makes good the dry and pustules for your skin.  Therefore, eating banana and using its mask is the easiest to own the youthful and smooth complexion as your wish.

mat na chuoi

Using banana mask every day will help you have your natural smooth complexion.

5. Making your hair flowing.

Bananas contain a lot of natural attar, carbohydrates, potassium and other essential vitamins which helps nourish the healthy, smooth hair and prevent dry, fuzzy or split hair …

The method is very simple: just mash 1 ripe banana and, a little olive oil then mix well and rub to your hair for about 15 minutes, after that wash your hair with warm water. You just try this method once per week, and you will see the efficacious effect of the “banana oil ” on your hair.

6. “Panacea” for mood

Enough potassium will help you minimize the negative impact of emotions. Therefore, if you usually get stressed, shock or over-annoyed, you should eat bananas everyday to supply the essential potassium.

As for pregnant women, eating bananas is also a good way to help them reduce the uncomfortable symptoms in the morning after waking up.

anh 2 tuan 3

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