Powerful reasons to eat bananas everyday (Part 1)

Did you know that bananas are the only fruits containing essential nutrients for the operation of the human body? Let’s discover the wonderful effects of bananas in order that you will “self-convince” that bananas should become a permanent part of your life.

1. Making the brain work efficiently

Have you ever wondered why tennis athletes when taking a break usually drink water and eat a banana?

That is because a wealth of potassium in bananas helps speed up transmitting information to brain, thus enabling the brain to develop into a more flexible mind. Therefore, the standard food for a tennis athlete – a sport requires both physical and mental ability is always bananas but not anything else.

In addition, eating bananas regularly also helps improve learning ability and prevent Alzheimer’s disease of the elderly.

anh 1 tuan 3

French brioche toast “pain perdu” style with banana, salty caramen from Guérande is one of the most favorite desserts at La Badiane

2. A splendid “remedy” for the digestive system

It is said that banana is among the highest-fiber fruits. Therefore, bananas have a very good effect on stimulating and supporting to mitigate digestive diseases such as peptic ulcers, diarrhea, heartburn, constipation,…

If you want your digestive system to work effectively, remember to eat a banana every single day.

chuối 1

Eating a banana every day helps you minimize the digestive diseases

3. Relieving eye strain

Eating too much salt in daily meal results in the inflammation and redness of your eyes. Hence, if you eat bananas regularly, the amount of potassium in bananas helps neutralize salt by making the body excrete salt. On the other hand, bananas also help your eyes avoid premature aging due to academic pressure and stress at work.

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