Perfect dishes make France become famous all over the world (Part 2)

3. Foie gras

Foie gras is the most excellent food of France and present in most high-class hotels of international standard. The masterstroke of this dish is also why not every restaurant is able to making this food.

For a right foie gras dish, of the standard, the geese must be taken care of in a special regime to ensure to exploit the maximum nutritional content in their liver. It is a process that requires the chefs both experience and patience. These dishes are often served with jams, fruits and sweet sauces to increase the buttery taste of goose liver.

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Foie gras at La Badiane served with figs & blackcurrant liquor, stewed apple in spices & roasted almonds at La Badiane makes it taste delicious and special

4. Baguette bread

Not only be France famous for wine, cheese, foie gras … but it is also known for the cakes, of which baguette bread must be most typical to mention.

It willl be so great to wake up to enjoy baguette bread in which its crust is crispy, and its crumb is thick, soft, served with pâté or a cup of hot chocolate. In addition, baguette bread served with a bit of cheese also makes it no less interesting.

The ‘Baguette’ name makes many people misunderstand that all breads are called Baguette but the truth is apart from Baguette, there are many other delicious breads in France such as Batard, Flute, Ficelle, Brioche, …

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Baguette bread is a popular dish in the meal of the French in particular and the world in general

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