Perfect dishes make France become famous all over the world (Part 1)

Do you know why French cuisine is so popular? Let’s explore the country which is known as the cradle of European cuisine and the culinary essence of the world through the worldwide famous French food.

1. Wine

Being famous for so many brands of wine, France has always been one of the countries manufacturing and supplying the best wine in the world.

Therefore, in the traditional meal of the French, wine is an indispensable “spice” in every meal. Not only does wine present in the meal, it is also used in cooking to make food more tasty and delicious in infusing. Is that the secret to creating the features of French cuisine?

The most interesting point in the way of enjoying wine of the French is that each dish is supposed to be accompanied with a specific wine rather than the same wine throughout the meal. So, that expresses much more “incomparable” punctiliousness and gourmet of the French.

bia 1

French wine – the indispensable worldwide famous baverages in every meal of the French

2. Cheese

when we mention ‘cheese’ how can we forget the land of French a country where exists more than 500 different types with their special taste.

As well as wine, France is also one of the countries not only producing but also consuming most of cheese in the world, especially at parties or just simply eaten with bread in the morning.

If you have the opportunity to set foot in France, do not forget to enjoy all kinds of well-known cheese here, such as Camembert, Mimolette, Livarot, Cantal, Comté, …, You will certainly not regret at all.

tuan 1. 2

French cheese is plentiful and diverse, and in addition each kind has its own fascinating flavor

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