Peace in my eyes is…

Leaving all ofthe hustle and bustle of the city, being away from blinking lights, noisy sounds of music, I decide to find tranquility at La Badiane – the place offers a truly quiet ambience and my soul can fly on nine clouds. Coming back to old place with familiar environment and people is peace in my eyes.


A little peace lies deeply inside me

According to me, peace doesn’t mean the quiety of environment outside but the quietly of the soul inside when you are diving into smoothy and melodic pieces of love songs. And I found this true happiness and peace when I was listening to heart-touching music at La Badiane. Classical music set my soul on nine clouds.


Peace in my eyes is the moment while I was wandering on streets in early winter afternoon, I suddenly visit my La Badiane, choosing a corner, enjoying the warm environment that I was get used to all of them and diving into a book.


The warm and closed-to-nature ambience at La Badiane

Peace in my eyes is the moment when I am enjoying my favourite food that was made by internationally well-know chef right here in Hanoi.


Eating what you love can help to comfort your soul

This is peace which comes from something simple. I did found my peace right in this husling and bustling Hanoi. Peace in my eyes is La Badiane. The world seems to shrink to be as small as La Badiane. In another word, La Badiane is my whole world!