New Year’s Eve parties in France (Part 1)

In France, the last dinner of the year is always imbrued with the traditional cuisine style. Let’s discover with La Badiane the most typical dishes in New Year’s Eve parties in the cuisine capital of Europe.

1. Foie gras

It is not just a gastronomer who knows that goose liver (foie grass) is a famous and typical dish of French culinary culture.

It can be said that France is where foie gras is produced and consumed with the largest quantity in the world. Particularly, the French consumes three quarters of the foie grass produced in the world.

Foie gras’s taste is greasy, not fishy, very suitable to enjoy with all kinds of jam, wine. And it seems indispensable in every French parties in general and New Year parties in particular.


Foie gras is an indispensable traditional dish in the New Year party in France.

2. Turkey with chestnuts stuffing

If Foie gras is an indispensable dish of the New Year party, turkey with chestnuts stuffing is the “soul” of the year-end party of French. It can be said that this is the traditional and oldest food in the New Year party in France.

The French thinks that roast turkey with chestnuts stuffing as a whole on the table of the year-end party is the best way to farewell the old year and welcome a prosperous and lucky New Year.

3. Cheese

The French once said “Un fromage par jour de l’année” which means “there is a different cheese for every day of the year” because this is the country which mostly produces many kinds of cheese in the world – over 1000 types. Therefore, it would be a mistake if there is no plate of varied cheese for everyone to enjoy after finishing the main course in the New Year party in France.


A varied cheese platter is a typical traditional dish in a French year-end banquet

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