New starters can not be missed at La Badiane

Increasingly becoming more sophisticated and attractive is what we can comment on the new starters at La Badiane. They will probably make you infatuated!

Parmaham rolled with grilled aubergine, cheese and arugula


… Parmaham rolled with grilled aubergine, cheese and arugula…

The fresh flavour of arugula blending with the cheesy taste of cheese, mixing with the delicious grilled aubergine all is wrapped in typical moreish aroma with soft fibre of Parmaham that creates the strange but familiar taste to the diners, letting them nibble a little bit to enjoy all that typical aroma.

Just by taking a bite, all will be blended very softly, very crunchily that all makes us feel so passionate.

Salmon « tartare » in peppercorns, candied lemon & shallots dressing, crispy sesame


…Salmon « tartare » in peppercorns, candied lemon & shallots dressing, crispy sesame…

The fresh, soft and natural sweet taste of salmon will instantly melt in your mouth, blending with typical flavor of peppercorns and make you irresistible. Eating with a little shallots to feel better the natural sweetness of salmon tartare. And finally, the particular crisp, sweet and buttery taste of crispy sesame will absolutely conquer your taste, and make you have to regret that unique taste.

Prawns spring rolls and wasabi sauce

Spring roll is not too strange to Vietnamese people, however at La Badiane, the familiar spring roll is changed skillful and bringing the French flavors.


… Prawns spring rolls and wasabi sauce…

It seems to be too familiar with the ingredients such as “pho”, fresh vegetables, carrots … but just adding a little wasabi sauce has completely changed the flavor of familiar spring rolls.

Thanks to wasabi, prawns do keep their typical natural sweetness of seafood, blending with the slight pungent taste wasabi and so bring the completely exotic flavors.

Are you ready to try these familiar but strange dishes at La Badiane yet? Come to No 10 Nam Ngu or contact us at (04) 3942.4509 to experience right away!