Naming 5 super delicious desserts at La Badiane

Cool, soft, smooth, delicious … are the tastes of desserts at La Badiane. They always know how to please even the most demanding guests. Have you taken a try?

1. Banana nem with hazelnut & pistachio, salty caramel from Guérande, pistachio ice-cream


This is an exotic dish, combined by “hot” and “cold” in a subtle way. Fragrant and sticky banana nem cake with the presence of buttery hazelnut and pistachio, salty caramel, especially renowned French diamond salt, flavors of this dessert will make you ecstatic.

2. Tiramisu with chestnut cream in Amaretto liquor, crispy chocolate


Delicious Tiramisu has traveled around the world and become an indispensable dish in coffee cups. At La Badiane, the insider of the cake is a soft, smooth cheese layer mixed with pungent wine. Sipping a piece of crispy toasted chocolate, almond aroma of wine and sweet Italian Tiramisu, maybe, that originates the name: “Tiramisu – do not forget me!”

3. Apple & strawberry crumble, lemon sorbet, balsamic glaze


With ingredients are apples, fresh sweet ripe strawberries and cool lemon cream, mingled in black vinegar, this is one of the desserts that you should not refuse at La Badiane.

4. Tart of “Crème brûlée” in rosemary, raspberry & grapefruit salad in olive oil, tangerine sorbet


The combination of burnt cream tart, rosemary flavor and grapefruit salad, fresh raspberry mingled with a little lemon cream, the dish will make you ecstatic right from the first touch of the tongue.

5. Hot mellow chocolate with Amarena cherry, blackcurrant pepper sorbet from Phu Quoc, emulsion & glaze coffee

Hot aromatic chocolate, soothing bitter taste coffee sauce combined with sweet crispy aromatic cherry from Amarena, blackcurrant pepper sorbet from Phu Quoc. It is really a wise choice for dessert!

Wish you have a delicious meal at La Badiane!