Miracle benefit of red wine

Enjoying a sip of red wine in romantic French atmosphere will help you leave all the noise and chaos of life behind. Perhaps it is the reason why many people adore the taste of this unique wine with the characteristic flavor of raisin, strawberry, odor of cherry or raspberry… Most of all, the ingredients in red wine make great effects on the health and beauty care. La Badiane will help you to more comprehensively understand about magical effects of this drink on health.

1. Cancer prevention

A recent study conducted study by US scientists with 1742 people, divided into 3 groups: Group drinking 3 glasses of red wine / week, group drinking white wine and group who do not drink alcohol. Group of people who do not drink alcohol are at risk of intestine cancer by 9.9%, the risk of white wine drinkers is 8.9% and only 3.4% for group drinking red wine.

According to other research results, Tannis and Resveratrol in red wine may help reduce the risk of lung cancer by 13%.


Wines help prevent cancer effectively

Source: Khoahoc.tv

2. Heart disease and stroke prevention

Do you know why French regularly drink red wine and the rate of heart disease incidence of French is very low, while their diet is still high in fat and aging factors? According to British scientists, polyphenols in red wine can inhibit the synthesis of a protein linked to heart disease. However, polyphenols found in red grape peel, therefore, only red wine can help in the prevention of heart disease.

For those in middle-aged or older, about 1-2 glasses of red wine for each meal will be helpful for heart and stimulating diet. So, why refuse a glass of red wine which is extremely beneficial for your heart?


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3. Obesity prevention

Every women dreams about a slim body shape and perfect appearance but it is hard to refuse the appeal of good food. The secret is that resveratol compound in red wine can reduce the number of fat cells by creating a direct effect on fat cells in the body.

More interestingly, this substance reduces the secretion of cytokines – a regulator of the immune response and it is related to the development of obesity and diabetes.

Drinking just 2 glasses of red wine everyday can reduce 20-30% of calories, so the effects of red wine for a slim figure are considerable!


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