Mille-feuille lamb shank at La Badiane

Let’s get to know the ingredients of the French dish with such difficult-to-pronounce name! Customers can find information about this dish in La Badiane’s Gastronomique menu.

Mille-feuille lamb shank is a popular type of cake in France with the nickname “a thousand leaves”. It’s called “Napoleon cake” in America. But wherever this cake appears, its recipe remains intact and carries along the original French flavors.

Mille-feuille lamb shank at La Badiane

The Mille-feuille lamb shank at La Badiane is cooked with Goat milk feta cream cheese, bringing out the rich and creamy taste at a medium level, served together with naturally sweet pumpkin salad and lam licorice juice. Get a bite of Mille-feuille, you will find yourself starting an exciting journey on the other side of the globe – in France, with the distinct flavors of charming dishes that make up one of the world’s richest culinary culture.

This dish is also an interesting choice for those who want to try lamb meat – a popular type of meat around the world but rather rare in Vietnam. The “fans” of the creamy taste of heavy cream and cheese will be satisfied with the element of goat milk feta cream cheese in this dish.

Moreover, the green space and the variety of wine at La Badiane will also bring you a comprehensive culinary experience.

With whom will you try this wonderful dish at La Badiane?