Meeting place of French people in Vietnam

La Badiane has become a familiar name with the French who living in Vietnam or once been to Vietnam. They are familiar with the restaurant name, French architecture, authentic French tastes and the French restaurant managers with the desire to bring the elite cuisine to every corners of the world….

You will see customers from many countries in the world such as Japan, Korea, The UK … at La Badiane. They come to La Badiane because of the passion for French culinary or perhaps the curiosity and desire to explore the most diverse cuisine in the world. For French in Vietnam, La Badiane is even their second homeland.


Meeting place of French in Hanoi

La Badiane is actually the little France in the heart of Hanoi. You will “take breaths” of the French air right after your first step to La Badiane. The French spirit is reflected in delicate details of pre-colonial architecture, so that you feel like you are coming back your beloved homeland.


Luxurious and modern architecture

Located in the heart of Hanoi capital, La Badiane attracts French tourists because it’s where they can enjoy authentic French dishes. French taste is subtle, so that French dishes are prepared painstakingly in accordance with some certain rules about ingredient selection, combination and process. Customers will find traditional tastes of their homeland at La Badiane. It is likely that you can not have truly authentic French dishes at any restaurant with the exception for La Badiane.


Authentic French dishes

La Badiane is a “brain-child” which was born from the passion for cuisine. The chefs here always desire to create attractive, luxurious and exquisite dish and spread the love for French cuisine all over the world. You will see funny and lovely French chef with friendly smiles at La Badiane, who  will relieve your homesick phenomenon.


Open and friendly sharing between fellow-countrymen

La Badiane is not only a destination of French living in Vietnam but it also a meeting place of people from different cultures in the world. You can meet them there and have interesting experiences every time you come to La Badiane.