Meal can be the start of a successful commercial affair

A lot of business contracts, business transaction is deliberated and signed during the meal, thus, to ensure that there are no mistakes happening that can make bad impression to the partners, some rules should be followed:

1. A plan is necessary

Pre-planning the meal can make you take the initiative in arranging stuff to get ready for this appointment. The preparation will include sending invitations to partners, choosing the place, date and time for the meal. What you should do is re-confirming the time and place about half a day before the scheduled appointment; and confirming again with the restaurant about time reservation and menu prior to 1 day to make sure that the table is set.

2. The chosen place should be subtle

Where to set up for a meal with partners is very important. Show yourself as a connoisseur of food, having knowledge of many luxury restaurants with high quality food service by offering suggestions for your partners to choose. If they let you make a choice on your own, go find yourself a safe choice, a 5-star restaurant with culinary style harmony, airy and quiet open space so that you and your partners can feel comfortable. The chosen restaurant should be located near the center in order to facilitate the travel of both. You should go to the restaurant sooner, waiting for your partners, totally never come late and let them wait for you!


3. Ordering food should also be subtle

Let your partner order first, you should have some suggestions for the most delicious special dishes here. Then it’s your turn to choose, have the waiters get you the same helping, that seems tiny but can show your partners the sympathy on hobby between you and them, which can somewhat become a factor to make them take account of this commercial affair. Do not forget to order a bottle of mild wine to raise the glasses, but remember never overdrink!


4. Communication must be subtle

When you meet your partners, you should not keep a terribly austere face, but smile and approach to greet them in a friendly way. Prepare in advance what to say, do not go right straight to the business affair before the waiter brings a menu, just start with the intimate story like asking after their health, their work, their family. This will help you gain the liking from your partners, make them highly appreciate you and also is an effective way to start a conversation smoothly.


You also need to pay attention to the principles at table as cutlery using, napkins using, glasses holding …

Your appearance is also important, polishing your dress, hairstyle … is to express that you are a courtesy person and have respect for them

5. The story and the meal should be ended subtly

The end of the story, and the meal is not less important as the beginning. You are the holder so you should take the initiative to pay a check. Do not forget to express your thanks to your partners before getting home, thank them for accepting the invitation, show that you had a really great time on the table and make another appointment. You might ask how they feel about the meal and the talking you’ve discussed over the meal.


In business, sometimes important commercial affairs may not be discussed at the office but both parties will have a strong consensus in the intimate meal, so please cleverly make use of this time to score in the eyes of your partners and start a successful business.