The magical effects of ribes (Part 1)

Ribes, also known as raspberry, is usually used as a decoration for many dishes, but only few people really know the real effects of them. Let’s explore with La Badiane the magical effects of raspberry for our body.

1. The fruit for patients with diabetes

Patients with diabetes need a stable source of fibre to keep their blood sugar under controland that almost no fruit can meet that requirement but raspberry.

Raspberry is even assessed as a fruit of high quality in the food chart because it contains many vitamins and minerals which bring their bodycountless benefits more than some famous fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, black grapes, cherry …


Raspberry contains a lot of fiber which is to balance blood sugar in the body, very good for people with diabetes

2. Anti-aging, anti-cancer

Raspberry contains an antimicrobial agent, Ellagitannin, which works twice, three times, ten times as effectively as strawberry, kiwi fruit and tomatoes respectively in anti-aging, and especially benifits for women’s beauty.

In Addition, the brimful amount of vitamin C in raspberry is capable of antioxidant, destroying genetically modified agents, and changing the cell’s DNA to help prevent cancer.

It is interesting that the nutrients are not being reduced even when raspberry is frozen. Therefore, you can freely make jam, cakes, .. all year with frozen raspberry without losing quality.


Containing a lot of vitamin C and special antibacterial agents, raspberry can avoid cancer, aging many times as effectively as other fruits

3. “Protecting” eyes

A review published in the Archives of Ophthalmology, studing more than 110,000 women and men have shown: one team needs to eat three servings of vegetables and fruit each day to meet enough eyesight protection agent whereas an other just eats a spoonful of raspberry powder which is full of substances like carotenoids, vitamin A, C, E and minerals such as Cu, Zn – the components to help eliminate harmful free radicals to the retina.

For this reason, if you want to own a healthy eyes, you’d better eat 3 raspberries per day rather than “fill” your body with 3many other nutritious foods.

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