What made the serene ambience of La Badiane?

Besides quality of food and service, ambience plays an important role in satisfying customers when they have experience your restaurant. So that, La Badiane spend a lot of time building up an impressive atmosphere to amuse their diners right from the first step entering.

Just like everyone when coming to restaurant, customers expect to not only have an adorable meal but also find a chance to relax, slow down and indulge in their own lives. The look of La Badiane was designed to meet these needs, so that the customer could feel comfortable as much as they can when they are experiencing their meals at La Badiane.


This is the reason why many people consider this place a destination for their romantic dating, for formal meeting with their partner, for closing family meals or for their own meals to leave every nervousness of life behind. La Badiane could satisfy every customers even the most difficult ones by its ambience.

So, let’s discover what made the serene ambience of La Badiane!

Tones of color at La Badiane

The downstair could comfort customers with tone of beige and green, lightly grey covering and perfectly mixing from walls, curtains to tablecloths. An open-sky corridor provides natural light for all over the room.


Besides, the upstair with tones of red and brown from chair covers, framed wall pictures and yellow lightlamp could bring to customers the warm feeling.


Interiors and ornaments arranging

From interiors to framed pictures and wall ornaments all that are put in suitable and color-matching order could provide for true comfort. All the chairs at downstair are made from rattan and bamboo, some pictures are portraits of hospitable, friendly and ordinary Vietnamese people.


The smart way to create space: the large and airy outer courtyard with luxuriant trees provides for chance to feel the sense of nature; the patio flooded with light, all the corners of space are private and open. The second-floor windows welcomes natural light into the room.


All of these things have created a peaceful La Badian – the ideal place for people to temporarily forget the daily chaos, relief and enjoy the sweet moments that you deserve .

Let’s come and feel amazing things, make sure you could not forget!