Having a lunch with partner in La Badiane style

When mentioning “business meal”, people often think of a meal in which diners are talking about business while eating. Although La Badiane always respect each personal right, there are some recommendations that help businessman’s meals become more unforgetable.

A surprising offer for lunch

Maybe it sounds a little strange but this is the most natural way for you to build a good relationship with your partner. Your partner will take it as a friendly meeting. In addition, it brings a comfortable and joyful environment.

It is sure that you will prefer a invitation like: “I have just heard about an amazing restaurant that is famous for its “fusion food” style. Do you mind experiencing with me for tomorrow lunch?” to “How about going out for lunch while discussing our job? I know an amazing restaurant that is famous for its “fusion food” style!”

Choose right time to mention business

According La Badiane, there is nothing more important than customers’ experience during their meal. This also is the biggest thing that some countries with great culinary culture like France care about.

So that, instead of talking about business while having a meal, it is better if all of you would enjoy the dishes. Then, let’s save the discussion for the dessert time with cups of coffee.

As a result, your business lunch will be more effective and comfortable than ever. Hence, the process of discussing or negotiating will flow more fluently.

Don’t make others wait for you to finish

La Badiane is well-known for the foods dedicated to fusion of flavors. However, no exception from La Badiane’ customs, “fusion” is also the table manner that you should behave.

When dining, it seems more polite for you to eat at a moderate speed that is considered based on your partner’s. Don’t eat too slowly that makes others wait for you to finish and don’t eat too fast as well. Both of situations will make the meal become bad experience. In addition, adjusting your eating speed shows your respectation and your good manner to your partners in the natural way.

They are some small tips recommended by La Badiane in order to help customers have effective business meal.

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Starting May 2016, La Badiane suggests a 2-course set lunch menu at 330,000 vnd. Adequate for business/corporate lunches when lunch-time is counted