A little Vietnam in French cuisine space

La Badiane’s interference of France and Vietnam is not only shown in the taste of the dish but it is also reflected in the space here. While discovering French architect, diners will also find some interesting Vietnamese features in this restaurant at 10 Nam Ngu.

Vietnam – the beauty of soul

Come to La Badiane, you will be impressed  immediately with smiling eyes of a mother or innocent faces of ethnic children. You will meet and immediately be impressed with the gentle face, the familiar scene of Vietnam in the photos that were exhibited at many different conners in La Badiane. More particularly, they are all works of Minh Spielman – the owner of La Badiane.



Perhaps, the intercultural of France and Vietnam has never been shown so harmony like that in a space of a restaurant. It must have been a lover who deeply understands Vietnam could create a cultural picture so perfect like that.

Familiar and rustic things

Right from the first steps to the restaurant, diners can easily recognize the silhouette of Vietnamese bamboo in all items, from casual rattan chair to the stylized bird lattern.


Bird cages are familiar from Vietnam have been “transformed” into stylized special lanterns.

Among the luxurious space, diners coming to La Badiane will enjoy a special “dish” here – fresh lush and peaceful natural scenery, which is typical in Vietnamese villages.


A miniature France reconciled to the characteristics of the regions in Vietnam making a close and familiar but luxury space at the same time.

All the things you are  waiting for is here, don’t be hesitate to discover and experience subtle harmony of French and Vietnam at La Badiane, No. 10 Nam Ngu, Hanoi.