Listen to classical music and find peace

Someone has said: “It is music’s lofty mission to shed light on the depths of the human heart”. The moment when your heart found something in common in music is time for the peace to be awake.

The beauty of classical music lies in vibrations and the meaning of its lies in how touching it effects on the souls of listeners. Classical music can offer a true and great sympathy between people and everything surrounding, even when they feel happy or sad. There was a famous musician has stated: “Music is what feelings sound like”. It’s true. When music sings, your brain will end all of worriness, your body sways in melodies. It’s time when your soul raise its voice and talk about its true feelings.

11.W4.No1 (1)

Because of them all, classical music could not be missed if you wanted relaxing moments. Close your eyes, put your heart and mind to your ears, you will lead to another different world. In this world, you are living with the most wonderful things such as some lovely stories, things what you love, those who you care,…

11.W4.No1 (3)

Especially, anyone could listen to classical music and find peace because music is everybody’s possession. That’s due to even a 2-year-old boy could burst into tears when he was listening to the “Moonnight” sonata.

11.W4.No1 (2)

String quartet classic music concert performed by musicians from Hanoi Opera House takes place in every Wednesday night at La Badiane. To have memorable and peace fully  Let’s come and enjoy these immortal pieces of clasicall music!