La Badiane’suggestion for early winter menu

You do not know what to order for the family meal on the first occasion this winter? Following La Badiane’s suggestion to have more options for your family meal

Appetizer: poached eggs coated grinding ham, pumpkin oil mill in mountain pepper, mushrooms sauteed asparagus

There is nothing happier than the feeling when the family enjoy appetizers in the freezing air with red shell egg white quilted heart is coated with minced ham, underneath the asparagus and mushroom fried crispy. This dish is interesting and tasty caused the mashed pumpkin in mountain pepper oil that just smell …you could feel that the winter is gone.

La Ba-Bai3.1

Poached egg coated grinding ham, mashed pumpkin in mountain pepper oil, sautéed mushrooms asparagus only at La Badiane

Main Course: Grilled Australian Beef, mashed peas with dry chili powder, sweet fried potatoes, 5 pepper sauce

The best Australian tenderloin beef under the most scrumptious skillful hands of the La Badiane masterchef will be processed in an ingenious way to make a delicious, fleshy and soft, infuse in each fiber spices dish. Only that smell are enough to wake all your senses. The dish with sweet puree peas and gently spicy pepper sauce only at La Badiane will be the best choice for your family meal this winter.

La Badiane - Bai 3 - 2

The best Australian tenderloin beef under the skillful hands of La Badiane masterchef makes a perfect dish

Dessert: banana cake with chestnut, hazelnut, salt caramel, France salt diamond, chestnut cream

This is a special dish – an interesting combination between “the hot” and “the cold” in a subtle way that will make you feel … interesting in the mouth after enjoying the warmth and delicious main course. Spring rolls banana cake with chestnut, hazelnut, salty caramel and French diamond salt with a little cold chestnut cream will be the most perfect dessert you just can’t miss!

La Badiane - Bai 3 - 3

Traditional banana cake mix with nuts and caramel make a special sense in your mouth

Following the suggestions above, La Badiane wish you and your family have more options for delicious dishes especially this early winter.

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