La Badiane and special offers for the year-end (part 2)

In the atmosphere of the transition moment between the year-end and a new year coming, Welcome the new year 2015 is one of the special gifts for you from La Badiane. The meal includes 6 luxurious dishes expected to satisfy you.

sDSC_0998 (6)

 Illustrated figure

Made of salmon, eggs & salt, Marinated smoked salmon and caviar eggs in wasabi cream and sesame biscuit will be the starters for the meal to welcome the new year 2015. La Badiane is well-known for the high quality food, dishes here would bring you to a fantastic world of food with fresh fish and fish eggs with buttery and fatty taste and also the hot wasabi cream.

You will have chance to try two dishes for appetizer: Foie gras cannelloni rolled in Parma ham, figs and apple chutney, balsamic glaze. There are also scallop ravioli in saffron, zucchini juice and bisque emulsion for you to enjoy.


 Illustrated figure

In the main dishes, chef Benjamin would like to introduce to you Australian beef & “Rossini” and pea mousseline with grilled bacon in aromatics herbs and five peppers sauce. With the combination of different ingredients, you will definitely love the smell and also feel satisfied with these dishes.

In the end of the meal, you will be served with Lemon sorbet in basil essential oil, tomato chutney and Parmesan crumble; Chocolate and vanilla, “Parfait” with nuts, caramel salty from France. “Parfait” is the best word for the dessert as what it is called (“parfait” means “perfect” in France). That is also the sincerely wish from La Badiane to you for the new year 2015.