La Badiane – A part of Hanoi to remember and love in foreigners’ mind

As an ideal destination in Hanoi for travellers, La Badiane always leave a special impression in their mind. After each visit, they spent their love forward to La Badiane on TripAdvisor website so that every one from all over the world were able to hear about this place.

Let’s read through some feedback to get the reason why La Badiane is a part of Hanoi to remember and love in foreigner’s heart!

Such as ambience, having a meal in La Badiane is like having a meal in beautiful France. Someone wrote that: “You would have thought that you were in France”. Also, they are impressed by “serene and tranquil atmosphere”, “really Parisian”, “peaceful oasis”, “be set apart from hustle and bustle of the central Hanoi”.



According to those who came to La Badiane on Wednesday night and had a chance to listen to classical music band, they were interested by these violinists who “make the atmosphere very relax”!


As for dishes, they were received many compliments from most of the customers for their taste and decoration. According to diners, “the food was very nicely presented and very tasty”. La Badiane serves their customers with abundant menus that make so many choices available. Many of them make a good impression about La Badiane in diners’ mind.


It is said that La Badiane staffs are friendly, thoughtful and whole-hearted. “The Chef was lovely and came out to greet the diners.”


From ambience, food to chef and staffs, all of them formed good impression to customers. These compliments should be the motivation for us to try our best each day so that we can serve the best food and service. We hope that you will always feel happy and satisfied when you have experiences at La Badiane. See you the next time when you come back to Hanoi.