La Badiane – The new choice for business lunch

If you are searching for a suitable place to have a good lunch time in summer while conducting some business, then La Badiane is the ideal one for you.

La Badiane is known as a famous 5-star French restaurant. It is not only the favourite place of visitors from all over the world when they travel to Hanoi but also the destination of many Vietnamese diners who love and want  to know more about French cuisine and culture as well.

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The restaurant is decorated in simple, elegant style, in the middle of French and Vietnamese architecture that brings comfort for everyone no matter where they are from. Besides, the La Badiane ambience is luxury enough to show your respect toward your partners right from the first sight despite of how difficult they are.

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Not only surprise customers by its environment, La Badiane also serve rich menu that can afford any requirement from you and your partners with the most quintessensial foods in French cuisine and the typical ones from Asia. It will be the most suitable choice despite your allies are more interested in European or Asian cuisine, they are in diet or allergic to any dishes,…

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Discussing about business while enjoying these amazing foods, drinking a little wine is so amazing that your partner maybe will agree and put a sign down in your contract.

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Especially, if you have lunch at La Badiane in this summer, you have one more choice that is the special summer 2-course set:

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Let’s try on this as a new inspiring environment, a wonderful, lip-smacking lunch meal and be ready for your new achievement in working ladder!