La Badiane has left unforgettable marks in the hearts of diners

Coming to La Badiane even once, diners are in love with La Badiane by what La Badiane brings to them as well as what they have experienced. Let’s see, what were the guests impressed with at La Badiane?

Special “nicknames” for La Badiane


“Paradise for foodies” is how this diner affectionately called La Badiane among thousand restaurants in Hanoi. Having passed each other countless times, but never once actually met.

And only one single time meeting by chance, La Badiane has left unforgettable mark in the hearts of visitors. From the service, the decoration, everything to the dessert, La Badiane diners all makes the diners surprised, and then called it “paradise”

Or other affectionate names, which make La Badiane and the people here must be proud of, are: the best restaurants, the exquisite corner of France in the heart of Hanoi …


Interesting memories with La Badiane

La Badiane is not only a place to enjoy the exquisite cuisine bringing the feature fusion between Vietnam and France, but also a place to keep the memories of the diners.

La Badiane is sometimes like an old lover, long time no see. She is still loving, still elegant, but makes people surprised by a new appearance, new change.


As the guest confirmed, this is the “Refreshing look” of La Badiane. And once meeting La Badiane again, recalling the memories, what can be more wonderful?


Or sometimes, meeting La Badiane in a light afternoon can leave the diners unforgettable memories, great experiences.

How have you been deep in love with La Badiane? Do not hesitate to share with us wonderful moments.