La Badiane – The Land of Fusions

Not only becoming famous for the fusion cuisine, La Badiane is also known as the “happy” land of nature, music, feelings, … Just coming to La Badiane for once is enough for you to feel the full delicate beauty of harmony!

The first thing is the harmony in architectural design. In fact, since stepping into the aisle in front of the restaurant, you can feel that: The greenery combining with the style of the ancient French building makes the pathways more graceful, more invitatory. Continue walking down the way to inside, there is an even more obvious experience: An elegant white space bathed in sunlight with verdant shade of tree. Those who have been in love with La Badiane have shared that they have “a crush” on La Badiane for the first time because of the peaceful space and close architecture.


Falling in love with La Badiane for its colorful space with full of light is not enough. Not until the dish is served, the diners are once again impressed with La Badiane by the famous fusion cuisine of it. “The harmony of flavors is what I want to bring in the food, not just the mixing of the ingredients. I usually take advantage of familiar ingredients, but combine them in a new way. “, shared by Chef Benjamin Rascalou.


And it will be a mistake if the interference of cuisine – music on every Wednesday evening at La Badiane is not mentioned. The classic melodic melody as a magnificent “catalyst” for the soaring meal. An evening with friends, family, enjoying wonderful meal, sipping a little strong wine with classical music will be the unforgettable memories in the hearts of each diner.


Non better than one, the having dealings between the people of La Badiane and the diners is never lacking. The polite and gentle manner together with the thoughtfulness and wholeheartedness of La Badiane’s people always makes the diners feel welcome here. And La Badiane never make the diners disappointed with their way of service.


Coming to La Badiane, this fabulous land of harmony will make you fascinated.