La Badiane – There was such a great day

If you really love French cuisine or just want to experience the great foods, let’s go to La Badiane – the number one  French restaurant in Hanoi.

DSC_6363 copy

Entering a small gate, I was smilingly welcome by waiters of the restaurants. Leaving much chaos, noise, hustle behind; I really enjoyed the atmosphere of peace, cool blue making people feel relieved there.

After climbing on the stairs leading to the second floor, I chose a dining table by the window looking out to the balcony. With harmonious pre-colonial architectural design La Badiane offers many options for seating, as well as for visual comfort.

Hold the menu on the hand, my heart trembled … so happy. OMG, so much French foie gras, Italian risotto, salmon, goat cheese … They were all renowned, famous, high quality all over the world. There were also foods with weird names, full of random inspiration – this must be the style of La Badiane.

DSC_6190 copy

Firstly, I chose Mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulisfor appetizer. The sweet fish, slightly sour tomato, crispy onions and juicy diced avocado were all blended in red chili pepper coulis. Nutritious and delicious food stirred up in my palate making the feeling of impatient but calm. Next, I chose Pan-fried scallops, seafood lasagna with mushrooms & vegetables, saffron emulsion and finally was Hot mellow chocolate with Amarena cherry, blackcurrant pepper sorbet from Phu Quoc, emulsion & glaze coffee for dessert. The dishes were decorated so beautifully that I just wanted to bring them home and displayed on my souvenir shelf. Hot, thick, aromatic and bitter -mixed- sweet chocolate prevented me from being tired when eating.

Before leaving, I was more excited with the restaurant’s menu just launched in March this year. It was my luck to be “satisfied” with delicious foods; I was also one of the first to try this new menu of La Badiane.