La Badiane – A great dating place

Having strong feeling for subtle French cuisine, you may want to share this fondness with your partner and La Badian will be an ideal destination for you.

You have various choices of place in Hanoi where you can go for your romantic dating. However, if you are a big fan of French food, La Badian must be a perfect suggestion that you should not miss out to add more “flavors” to your love.

The space is designed with romantic and subtle style which is reflected in small details such as table arrangement or lighting, so that you will have a private space where you feel totally relaxing and enjoy each moment together.


Corner table only for two of you

The tables are arranged cleverly enough to make a privately comfortable space but you still can observe everything around.

Attraction of painstaking dishes with different ingredients and beautiful presentation is another special reason why customers keep coming to the restaurant. It seems like that no restaurant in Hanoi gives you such authentic French tastes like La Badiane does.


Familiar table where you have the best memories

In addition, collection of sweet French love songs is the final touch to complete your happy dinner. Indulge yourself in French melody and enjoy wonderful time of your own, only two of you.

Nothing can be more enjoyable than slowly having French dishes and glasses of red wine  with your lover and  sharing the sweetest moments of a couple in love.

A new experience, a high spirit and a real feeling are waiting for you and your partner to discover at La Badiane