It is not just a restaurant, La Badiane is a small cozy home,  French –Vietnamese community, professional working environment. “La Badiane in my eyes” tells us about the true feelings of La Badiane staff about their workplace.

[La Badiane in my eyes] – Ms. Nguyen Thuy Linh

Q : How do you think about La Badiane ?

A: La Badiane seems like my second home. I will appreciate time we hanging out and sharing many thing with each other.

Nguyen Thuy Linh

[La Badiane in my eyes] – Mr. Luong Tuan Nghia

Q: What do you like about La Badiane?

A: Everybody is kind and friendly. Our customers are also funny and open-minded

Lương Tuấn Nghĩa

[La Badiane in my eyes] – Ms. Duong Thi Hoa

Q: What makes you love La Badiane ?

A: La Badiane trains me to be better. I learn how to work professionally like French. Other people are friendy and always willing to help.

Dương Thị Hòa - Trần Hoàng Hà

[La Badiane in my eyes] – Ms. Ta Thi Hop

Q: What will you say about La Badiane in one sentence?

A: La Badiane is an ideal place to enjoy authentic French cuisine and ambience.

Tạ Thị Hợp