La Badiane – Your destination whenever you need recharging

Sometimes you feel exhausted, bored, puzzled or impassive and you are on low energy. “Refreshing” your soul and living inspiration among serene environment is an interesting recommendation that La Badiane gives to you!

Be spired from “Winter Garden” style, La Badiane is always close to the nature with many ornamental plants that makes you feel comfortable and cool right from first steps to the entry.

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The environment of the first floor is full of sunlight from an open-sky corridor planted with luxuriant vegetation, that makes you fully enjoy the place as if you are in your own garden.


Your feeling and your experience herein will never be interrupted by the hustle and bustle of city road or the noise from the others surrounding. So that, the feeling is like this is the private place of your own!

La Badiane will impress you by fresh atmosphere with shrubs and ornamental tree decorated around restaurant. Breathing this atmosphere, every stress seem to be loosen up, every sadness seem to be wiped out and your soul is at ease. As well as, some kinds of plants play as air filters that help environment become fresher. The natural atmosphere of La Badiane helps reduce stress and anxiety. As a result, your body and mood get more buoyant

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The amazing foods here also fulfill your stomache and refresh your soul soon. They are so taseful, mouth-watering and well-prepared by the Chef from France who is so whole-hearted and meticulous. From ingredients to way of garnising, all of them are so wonderful in “fusion” style and pleased your sight, your smell and your taste as well.


A place for totally relaxing after a hard-working day is crutial to you for balancing your mood state, helping your soul fresh and recharging your energy before another new day comes. You will be always ready to face with challenges and difficulties because you know that La Badiane as well as its serene environment still stands here waiting for you!