Kikkoman – a culinary heritage of Japan

Kikkoman is a main type of sauce in Japanese meals and has been known as the world’s oldest spice. A Japanese meal can’t be complete without the tasty soy sauce that complements almost all types of dishes. It is not only a favorite sauce of Asians but also around the world, from America to the European countries.

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Kikkoman – traditional Japanese soy sauce

Japan is not the only country to produce sauces, but the distinct taste of Kikkoman makes it one of the kind. Kikkoman has the black-ish, silky brown color with a light and balanced taste. Kikkoman acquires a natural scent of wheat, and the fermentation process is environmental-friendly with micro-organisms such as lactic acid bacteria and the useful enzymes.

Kikkoman is considered a “heritage” of Japan because of its uniqueness. It is the harmony of more than 300 different ingredients that have been carefully chosen and balanced in order to stimulate all five sense of the audience. A Japanese culinary experience wouldn’t be complete without Kikkoman.

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Kikkoman is an indispensable part of the Japanese meal

Reaching out to the world with its distinct flavor, Kikkoman has not only win the favor of culinary audiences from all over the world but also impressed even the pickiest chefs. This type of sauce has been used by La Badiane’s chefs in the main course of tuna and risotto.

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Main course: Crusted red tuna with thyme & sesame, mushroom & asparagus risotto in wasabi, ginger red wine sauce

A generous slice of marinated red tuna, covered with a crust of sesame seeds and thyme keep the flesh inside firm and full of flavors. Served with an Italian risotto of asparagus and mushrooms with a touch of Wasabi. The reduction of red wine and ginger sauce will make the final touch to this beautiful dish.

Experiencing three famous culinary cultures in one dish should be astonishing. Come to La Badiane to have more impressive culinary memories!