Each ingredient for each person in cooking

Cooking is not the work of anybody in particular, woman or man is all able to cook anything they like. In spite of the same dish, each person has his different tasting and using different “materials”. Let’s see what are these special “ingredients”!

Women cook with love:

The image of woman in the kitchen has so far become familiar to each of us. But not every woman loves cooking and knows how to cook. They must have a certain motivation to cook plenty of tasty food every day.

Woman seasoning food

Possibly, women cook for those they love. Their happiness is cooking the most delicious food for her parents, husband and children. Being busy with cooking and also smiling when imagining the eagerness of their family who are waiting for their work. And then at table, the dishes served are all clean, which proves all dishes is loved by everyone and meet their taste.


Women are also the one who keep their remaining family, so that every day the whole family can gather, get together at table, pick each other dishes, telling about stories, to bind the members of the family. And cozy family meal is always the one thing that makes anyone come back home though how far from home they are.

Therefore, never consider that woman standing in the kitchen is indispensable, let enjoy the meal she prepares with all gratitude and appreciation. Because perhaps cooking is the sweetest way to express her love.

Women cook for love, how about men? Men also cook, also wear aprons, and create a lot of interesting surprise, and  the greatest happiness for the people who enjoy the meal.

If they cook for their family?


We usually think that cooking is just for women, and men often do larger things, but not quite, men starting to cook is when they are sharing and understanding all the worries for their family with the women.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to see men go to the market, they also meticulously choose the freshest items, also bargain no less than any women. When they are chopping, frying, tasting … with decisive movements, they strongly express their seductive masculinity.

And cook for passion


It is no coincidence that most of the chefs in the famous cafeterias, restaurants are men. These people come to cooking career, come to culinary arts with a passion and real gifted talent. They go to many places to learn quintessence in cuisine of countries over the world, the most important thing is never the peak of technique, but the simple joy they receive when bring the dinners great parties. Their happiness every day is to create a new dish from the familiar ingredients, combine harmoniously the ingredients to make the dishes become attractive in both color and taste.

In fact, men or women cooking both is ok, providing that there is always tasty and cozy meal.