Indispensable food for Tet holiday

Which types of food are there on Tet holiday? The following is the list of food that you should prepare for Tet.

Tea and coffee

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Serving guests with drink is a beautiful tradition of Vietnamese. In the new year, tea and coffee are chosen carefully because they show the willingness and delicacy of the host. Many types of tea welcomed by the consumers on Tet holiday are Tan Cuong tea (a brand from Thai Nguyen), or Wulong tea – a better brand. Beside tea, you can buy some instant coffee to diversify the choice. Don’t forget to invite the kid guests with some beverage.


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Tea and biscuits become more delicious when they come together because of biscuits’ buttery taste and acrid flavor of tea. These two are perfect choice to start small talks with the guests. Therefore, after preparing tea, housewives should remember to buy some delicious biscuits, so that your conversation by the table would be warmer. In the very first days of new year, many guests will come to your house with different tastes, so a dish of biscuits with different flavors would be your best choice.

Jam and sugared dry fruits

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Tet holiday would be less interesting without jam and Vietnamese traditional sugared dried fruit. Besides being considered delicious food, they are also kinds of favorite snack for women. Housewives can choose some sorts of jam like coconut jam, apple jam and dried grape. Besides, sugared dry apricot (a kind of fruit) with sour and sweet flavor are also choices for you.

Dried grain, dry items

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Beside traditional types of dried grain like dried sunflower nut, dried pumpkin nut, you can add to your dish with many new kinds like dried sunflower nut covered with chocolate, dried fruits, salted dried cashew nuts, dried almond nut or more luxurious choice – macadamia nut. Your guests will be very interested in these suggestions.

Confection for kids

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Don’t forget to prepare some delicious and attractive sweetie for your kid guests. They are very keen on kinds of marshmallow in shape of cars, colorful candies or chocolate. Besides, jellies with fruit flavor also attract the kids. However, you should buy jelly of small size, not the big ones so that the kids may not be choked.

Strange snack

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Vietnamese fermented pork roll, dried beef or dried buffalo meat are kinds of snack for both men and women. They are often hunted to prepare for Tet holiday. Among them, fermented pork roll is sold at fair price; the rest is quite expensive, the price ranged from 500,000 vnd to 1,000,000 vnd for each kilogram. Due to the high price, consumers should consider the source of goods to make sure about the quality.