Human beauty at La Badiane

La Badiane is not only beautiful by the beauty of the resplendence of French architecture, or the subtlety and appeal of French cuisine, but also by the beauty of the people here.

Be always conscientious

In spite of being silent and quiet, all the people at La Badiane always strive and endeavour day by day to bring customers the most amazing experiences.


… They are so careful in such smallest tasks like folding napkins that the napkins are always flat, subtle…


… They are so carefully in noticing of special menu adjusment so that customers can easily observe and use …

_DSC8107 - Copy

… They are so skilful in organizing so that the dishes must look pleasant to the eye, attractive, and give an appetite to customers…

Be always cheerful and enjoying life

Perhaps being always dedicated and attempting to contribute to the diners so the people at La Badiane often feel the soarings in the soul.

With them, there are always smiles on their lips, the jocularity to the colleagues and the love of life spreading out in the space of La Badiane.


…comfortable and impartial smiles among colleagues…


…the soarings in emotions while decorating the dishes…


…despite being at any position in La Badiane, there is always the soarings in emotions, jocularity, sociability, and friendliness when welcoming the diners …

Thanks to such people, La Badiane can occupy the trust and love of the customers. Just once coming La Badiane, you will surely be impressed by those!