“Hot” menu for chilly autumn at La Badiane

August has started, autumn is coming. This is the chance for you to travel, get out of the city for a few days, or simply just go out and have a nice meal at a favorite restaurant with warm dishes in the chilly autumn winds. This article introduces 3 recommended dishes from La Badiane that are suitable for cool days of autumn in the North of the country. 

1. Start with tuna

Appetizer helps boost your appetite and reduce the time you have to wait for the main course. La Badiane would like to introduce you to grilled tuna with avocado and tomato – a light and tasty appetizer to start your meal.

Hot menu for chilly autumn

Appetizer: Mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis

This is one of our top dishes, favored by lots of customers. The sweetness of the fish with the slightly sourness of the tomato, crispy onions and tiny cube-cut of buttery avocado ; mixed with the hint of the chili bell pepper sauce will stir up your mouth and makes you feel both impatient and calm. A fresh start for your culinary trip!

2. Continue with Australian beef

The main course is often considered as “the soul” of the meal and comprises of the most expensive, sophisticated and complicated factors of the whole meal. Please be introduced to a hearty main course of grilled Australian beef.

Hot menu for chilly autumn

Main course: Australian grilled beef tenderloin, pea mousseline in smoked paprika with crispy sweet potato, 5 peppers sauce

A dish consisting of a buttery tender Australian grilled beef tenderloin, sweet pea mousseline especially in balance with the 5 peppers sauce. You will never have tried a beef that melt so much inside your mouth.

3. Finish with banana nem

Hot menu for chilly autumn

Dessert: Banana nem with hazelnut & pistachio, salty caramel from Guérande, pistachio ice-cream

This is a perfect dish for those who don’t prefer cool desserts. An exotic dish, combined by “hot” and “cold” in a subtle way. Fragrant and sticky banana spring rolls with the presence of buttery hazelnut and pistachio, salty caramel, especially renowned French Guerande salt, flavors of this dessert will make you ecstatic.

Is this menu of a 3-course meal “warm” enough for you in the chilly days of autumn? At La Badiane, we’ve got lots of interesting and visually stunning dishes that suit each season. A delicious, cozy meal in a French restaurant with unique culinary style – such a meaningful gift to your friends and family when the weather starts to change. Start a new season full of love with La Badiane!