Celebrating a romatic Women’s Day like a French with La Badiane

Preparation for a meaningful Woman’s day for your significant other will be more charming with the glasses of claret and the taste of French cuisine in a romantic French space at La Badiane. This 8/3, La Badiane is for you!

Romantic place

La Badiane has always been a valentine whenever meeting you. Bringing the particular traits of France, Labadiane never let the customers down by its “emotional” and romantic but no less gracious exterior. With La Badiane, we are confident to help you conquer every girl

8.3 ảnh 1

… A passion corner at La Badiane…

Melodious music

In the romantic space, the music has always been a great catalyst for the soarings of emotions. The classical music will make her heart stirred, inspiring the feelings of her soul. With the professional skills of the Four from Vietnam National Opera Ballet, certainly, no one can lend an inattentive ear.

8.3 ảnh 3

… Classical music is inspring the soul…

French Cuisine

March – the first start of the new flavor in La Badiane – the brand new menu. With many newfangled and attractive changes, the dishes of La Badiane will be much more French than ever.

Is the sweetness of grilled prawn blending with the sweet taste of mashed sweet potatoes, sinking in th flavour of red wine sauce enough to make your feeling “sweeter” in 8/3 days?

8.3 ảnh 2

… the sweetness of grilled prawn blending with the sweet taste of mashed sweet potatoes…

Why don’t you hold girlfriend’s or your mate’s hand and come to La Badiane in such special occasion to let your emotions soar, creating the memorable rememberance?

Please do not hesitate any longer, go to La Badiane at No 10 Nam Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi to have a completely new experience in Women’s Day. We’re ready to serve you! Contact to book a table at: (04) 3942.4509.