Herbs – the essential ingredient in culinary arts (P.2)

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Thyme is a herbaceous plant, belonging to the family of Lamiaceae, originated from Europe and popular in North America nowadays. In Italy, France, Spain, this herb is used as a flavoring ingredient in cooking because of its distinct light fragrance, making the food more delicious and unique. This type of leaves are lots of chef’s favorite, but can’t be eaten raw like parsley or basil.


Thyme is most Western chef’s favorite herb

Unlike other conventional aromatic herbs, thyme is many chefs and diners’s favorite for a very simple reason: It is easy to corporate thyme with many dishes, from vegetables like mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, … to the ingredients rich in protein such as meat, fish… All can make “friends” with thyme!

Unlike rosemary which is considered the “natural perfume”, with thyme, to enjoy the full flavor of this unique spices, the chef should cook it along with the other ingredients. Thyme does not only bring nice scent, it is also known as a “panacea” for health. Use this herb to make tea and drink it instead of water, you will be able to treat diseases related to the respiratory such as bronchitis, colds, coughs and colds.


Thyme is not a picky herb and can be corporated into lots of dishes, including seafood

Enjoy crusted tuna with thyme & sesame, mushroom and asparagus risotto in wasabi, ginger red wine sauce at La Badiane:

La Badiane - Kikkoman - di san cua nguoi Nhat 03

The two herbs: rosemary and thyme have been used pretty frequently in La Badiane dishes. So come to us if you want to explore more about our Vietnamese-French fusion cuisine!