Herbs – the essential ingredient in culinary arts (P.1)

Herbs are the favorite ingredient of both Westerners and Easterners in the art of cooking, including basil, thyme, bay leaves, rosemary… to create nice smell and flavors for the food. Let’s find out about the two most popular types of leaves used in culinary arts: rosemary and thyme!


Rosemary has an aromatic leaves that have a pretty sweet scent and can be preserved in the refrigerator. By using only a few rosemary leaves or a small amount of rosemary oil, your dishes can have a unique, irresistible taste. Besides, rosemary is also a rare type of plant that can be used with cooking oil.


Rosemary oil can be used as mixing oil

Rosemary oil can be used to mix salad or pasta. Though infused by rosemary, when used to fry or saute, the scent of rosemary in the oil will disappear, therefore, use it in mixing, fresh dishes if you don’t want to waste its incredible smell.

Possessing an intense smell, rosemary should be cooked with ingredients with uncomfortable smell like lamb. In Western culinary culture, rosemary and lamb are inseparable. From seared lamb, baked lamb to grilled and stewed lamb… all of them would be incomplete without the scent of rosemary.


Rosemary is often used to remove bad smells and accentuate the taste of the meat

Moreover, rosemary can also be used as a “perfume” for desserts. At La Badiane, our creative chef burns the rosemary leaves with the dessert of creme brulee, making it smell really nice and different from the common creme brulee in bakery shops.


 Tart of creme brulee in rosemary, raspberry & grapefruit salad in olive oil, tangerine sorbet

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