What happens in La Badiane before opening hour?

To make La Badiane well-ordered, clean and total ready before opening hour, it takes La Badiane team whole morning to working hard.

La Badiane is well-known for fresh, close-to-nature style of first floor, warm, elegant style of second floor, for wonderful, abundent menu and for the thoughtfulness of its team. Opening from 11.30 am daily (except Sunday and holidays) but the working-time in the morning is for team to prepare everything before the first customer comes.

Coming to La Badiane, it is not too difficult for you to see how whole-hearted and thoughtful they are through each tiny details.

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Two rows of shrubs are luxuriant but always are orderly cut. The entry is clean whenever you come.


They are careful in each works, for example, in adjusting the board noticing about menu or on-going promotion, putting it in the most suitable place for diners.


The table and eating utensils is in order row


Each curtain string is made bow-shaped elaborately 

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Each towels are folded carefully


Clean all of the glasses

Moreover, to serve the tastiest food in the best quality, preparation for ingredients plays a big role.


The cook are choosing the freshest leaves from hurbs and vegetables


In the kitchen, many different kinds of spices are well-prepared and ready for seasoning foods that helps them have the best color, the best look and smell to serve diners.

Before opening time, La Badiane team arrange everything in its own position so that all “King” customers can feel the warmly welcoming from restaurant.